Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Update Time Again!

Howdy ya'll! I am back in Nashville and Laurie will be back on Wednesday. We got 4" of snow yesterday and we are expected to get 2 more tomorrow. It's nice living in the arctic! Holly loves the snow. She will run around like crazy and dig her nose in it.

Yesterday when we drove in.

Holly today. She was excited to get out and play.

Mindy and Holly cuddling over the weekend. Seriously, Mindy moved over to Holly and cuddled up with her!

I got into Weeki Watchee at 1:30am on Sat morning last weekend. I had to come down and grab some clothes and pick up the Chevy and leave the Ford at home. Last week, the Ford's transmission went out. I was taking Laurie to the airport and it started making this high pitched noise going down the interstate. I look in the rearview mirror and there is white smoke blowing out from the truck, covering the entire freeway!  All 4 lanes. People driving behind me were hitting the brakes and then speeding around me.  The smoke lasted about 10 seconds then it stopped. I was able to make it to the airport to drop Laurie off and then I limped back to the motorhome. I found a used transmission at a salvage yard outside of town and had a local mechanic install it.  They did a great job and I was able to drive it home without any hiccups. I did catch a cold or some bronchitis from not sleeping too much. I have been taking it easy though.  

We have been going to the Bluebird Cafe a lot since we've been up here.  They have writer's nights during the week where they invite 4 writers that are known around town (have their songs cut by artists) and they sit around in a circle and each play about 4-5 of their songs.  It's a good time and sometimes other people will show up and sing a few songs. Trent Willman showed up the other night.  He's a fairly new artist in town. There is something going on most nights down in Nashville, so there's no shortage of entertainment. 

I went to a place called 3rd and Lindsley and saw some of the members from the group Alabama the other night. It was the Bass player's (Teddy Gentry) birthday and he was having a party to showcase his new band. The other members surprised him and played a few songs for everyone. What a great surprise!

That's all of the updates for now. When I get off of this Nyquil I'll write some more.  I can't see the keyboard anymore. Good night!  Happy birthday Mom!  

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