Friday, December 3, 2010

We're NC.

Good morning!  We are back in NC after a quick trip home on Monday and Tuesday. We got back into NC on Wednesday. We are out on the Outer Banks on an island called Ocracoke. The island is about 15 miles long and the beaches are beautiful. There's a small town with a couple of roads surrounding it, but there is only one road that runs the island length. It's a little chillier then when we left, but still not frigid yet. It's 48 out right now, and breezy. I checked the surf report this morning, but there are no waves around here so I don't have to put myself through the pain of getting in the cold water today...unless we find a spot that is surfable on our drive today.

We got the motorhome out of the storage lot at 10pm on Wed. night and we took it to the Walmart. Yeah!  Our favorite campground! Actually it worked out nicely because I had to get some groceries before we came over to Ocracoke. I wasn't sure of how many grocery stores they would have over here. I shopped at midnight and it was great. No one around and no lines. We had a 1.5 hr drive in the morning to get to the ferry for Ocracoke.

 The ferry ride was about 2 hrs and I slept for an hour of it. We checked into the campground and then took a drive around.  A lot of people close their business this time of year, because it is very slow around here, until Spring. I guess we came at a good time because April - Oct is usually very busy and there are people everywhere. We drove out on the beach let Holly play with her frisbee and ball for a little bit. We've all been couped up in the truck for so long, we were all itching to get outside. Even Laurie got out for a few minutes...then she got back back in the truck because she was cold.

We are going to drive up to Hatteras today. There's another ferry that we will have to take to get there also. We are going to camp up there and continue driving North. So far, the weather is nice and will stay "pretty" nice throughout the weekend and next week.  Here are some pics taken from last week and last night on the beach.

Nice Trawler-Sail boat! For sale too!

Beaufort Port. Nice town on the water!
Swansboro boat parade. Yes there's a boat beneath the swan!
Poseidon in Morehead City

Birthplace of Pepsi. The Pharmacy where it was created.
Bow of the ferry yesterday

We love this pic!

Da man!

Beach on Ocracoke last night
Lighthouse and lighthouse keepers house.

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