Friday, April 15, 2011

Arrived in Hot Springs, AR

We made it to Hot Springs, AR this evening. We met Joe and Jan here.  The trip from Louisiana to here was not bad, but it was very windy and I was fighting the wheel the entire day, to make sure we stayed on the road. We did lose the top of our Turtle shell topper on the top of the motorhome from the wind blowing from the side. It must have caught a stiff wind from the side and blew right off the top of the turtle shell.  I only lost one golf shoe, a small cooler and Holly's life jacket. My golf clubs, battery charger, hammock and water hose didn't blow out. I am surprised that I didn't see it blow off though. At least my golf clubs didn't blow out!  We drove into Hot Springs tonight and it is a picture from the past.  The buildings have never been updated since the 60's. It's cool looking though. I'll take some pictures tomorrow and post them. It's kinda like an old time Gatlinburg. We are going to sit in some baths tomorrow (supposedly good for you) and then watch the Oaklawn Derby, horse race.  It is the last day of the season and there is a pretty good purse to be had. (No, not Chanel or Dolce Gabbana...a money purse!) I have $2 that I'll put on Flicka. Ha!  We're going to go explore the town tomorrow and see if we want to stay here another night.  It's about 45 degrees here now but it's supposed to get up to 78 tomorrow, and sunny.  Perfect!  I need to get some sleep after the sleepless night we had last night.  Update you soon!  

Engraved in the sidewalk in Natchitoches

Who's that in the window? 

Arkansas. It looked like this for 3 hours. 

Where we are camping tonight. Nice view!

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