Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Paul's Bunyon and More

Hello from the coast of Oregon. We are in Gold Beach Oregon tonight, about an hour north of the California state line. We left Klamath this morning (yes we got Joe's truck up and running) and stopped by The Trees of Mystery gift shop, nature walk and gondola ride. It is where Paul Bunyon and his Big Blue Ox are. We took a walk through the nature trail and saw some funky trees with trees growing on them.  One tree had 12 trees growing within one trunk. Others had tunnels in them and other crazy looking things growing out of them.  We also took a gondola ride up the mountain to a lookout platform.  Dogs were allowed so we took Holly and Mindy with us. After that we drove up the coast and landed in Gold Beach.  There's an area through town that is right on the beach, where the Rogue River flows to the ocean. It is a beautiful view looking out the front windshield where we are parked.  We walked down to the beach and let the dogs run around while Laurie and I watched the seals or sea lions (not sure how you tell the difference) and Jan picked up driftwood pieces for her basket that she is going to make. The sea lions were swimming right near the jetty and others were out in the middle of the river catching fish. This is a great place to stay for the night.  So far, the coastal drive is beautiful. It is much different from Florida, with so many huge rocks on in the water. We are headed up the coast tomorrow.  Have a good night!

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