Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Still in New Bern

Hola! We are still in New Bern tonight. It was another great day full of...exploring, conquering and finding buried treasure on the beach. I'm sorry, I was daydreaming. I took Holly for a run this morning before Laurie got up. The weather was perfect again. A little breeze was making all of the leaves fall, and they covered the paved path that we were running on.  It was nice to see the leaves falling, but that means that cold weather is approaching. We went down to the river and checked out the glassy water. There are bluffs here at the park which make it easy for a panoramic view of the river. It was dead glass this morning!  Reminded me of the Hillsborough river and waking up for a morning wakeboard session.  We walked down to the water and Holly tried to pull me in, but I pulled back on her leash and was just able to keep her from taking a dip. I didn't want that soggy dog smell in the motorhome first thing in the morning. We drove into New Bern this morning along the two lane road that leads out of the park and it too was covered in leaves. I looked in my rear-view and saw the leaves flying up behind us and thought this would be a great place to film a music video. New Bern is a quaint town full of little shops, restaurants and coffee cafe's. We walked around all day.  We talked to some very nice people that have lived around this area for a while and they recommended a place called Morgan's for lunch.  We ate a 1/2 chicken (barbecued) and a side for $4.99 each.  Each restaurant had a lunch special that was a good deal.  Everyone we met was so nice. I would like to ride our bikes around town tomorrow to look at the historic houses along the water, as well as take a look at the marinas full of boats.

Back at the campground, we took a bike ride and let Holly run for a while.  There are a few off-road paths that I would like to explore on my bike tomorrow also.  It looks like we'll be driving the truck down to Beaufort tomorrow or Friday, and not taking the motorhome.  There are no campgrounds close to Beaufort that look good to stay at. The campground host told me of a Thanksgiving Day buffet down on the beach that he likes to go to. I'm not sure yet if we are cooking or going out to eat, but I guess we need to decide that tomorrow. There is some cold weather that will be arriving in the next couple of days, so I'll be dusting my coat and my heated boxers off soon.

I talked to a guy that does some recording that I could work with to be able to put a few tracks of music down, to be able to send out and try to get some gigs. He traveled with the Booth Bros., Sisters and Mark Lowry. He knew the Weatherfords also. I'm looking forward to getting together with him.

Here's a pic that Laurie took of me today. ha!  Naw, he's too skinny to be me and I don't wear Jesus sandals. Is that a Bm that he's playing? 

I'm headed out to get my shower.  Have a good night!  Maybe I can get Laurie to write on here tomorrow!  She's doing some Christmas shopping online right now, and I DON'T want to bother her while she's doing that. :)  Good night!  Here are some photos taken with my phone today.

Holly is obviously not interested in what Laurie is saying. She's got water on the brain.

Presb church in New Bern.

Birthplace of Pespi.

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  1. This is our ticket to the Bahamas with the RV!