Monday, November 22, 2010

We are in New Bern, NC

Hello earthlings...ok that didn't fit, but I thought it would be funny. We are parked at a National Park along the Neuse River, about 10 min from downtown New Bern. I have radio margaritaville on the radio and I'm just getting around to updating tonight. I've been playing the guitar a little tonight.  It's the first time I've busted it out this whole trip, but I didn't get to play it long. My audience is not responsive. Holly's not listening because she is trying to sleep and Laurie gives me dirty looks because she is reading a book. I'm trying to come up with a setlist so I can find a little place to play, somewhere along this trip. By little, I mean somewhere I can play for a plate of food just to say I got a gig! Ok, enough with the stalling of what we did today.  We didn't do too much, so that's why I'm trying to use "fill" stories to take up this white space that I am typing in.

We left Carolina Beach at noon today.  It takes us about an hour to pack up our campsite and hopefully by the end of the trip, I'll be able to cut that down to 30 min.  It all depends on how much sewer and grey water there is dump. That process takes the longest because I want to make sure to stay as clean as possible and spill very little...c'mon, everyone spills a little as they are emptying their tanks. I bet I could get a job with a sewer tank pumping company after this trip too!  That's something to look forward to when I get back.  We drove around Wilmington with no stops because we saw it last year around this time.  We took 17 out to Surf City and Topsail Beach. Both towns are very small but we enjoyed the cruise down the coast as well as a nice place that we stopped to eat lunch in the motorhome.  Holly picked up some sandspurs that we had to pluck out of her paws and fur.  Here's a little history on Topsail....

Topsail Island, NC, folklore claims the name, Topsail (pronounced Top'sul), dates back the the 1700s when the area was home to Blackbeard and his marauding gang. Pirates often hid their ships behind this thin ribbon of island to ambush passing merchant ships loaded with goods. Eventually merchants caught on and began watching for the tops of the pirates' sails peeking over the the live oak trees—hence the name, Topsail Island

I like this coastline because of the history that it holds.  From Pirate tales to Civil War battles, you can get lost in the stories.

Waves were nowhere to be found again, so we kept moving, after a quick walk on the beach. Laurie heard New Bern, NC was a nice place to visit, so we decided to make a stop there.  We drove by Camp Lejeune and saw some soldiers doing  exercises in a huge field.  Laurie said, "oh that looks fun!" and I said, "yeah, it looks fun from outside of that fence." She wanted to do the ropes course. :)

The campground that we are staying at is empty.  There are 4 campers here.  We found a huge space next to the showers to setup.  We will probably end up staying here for a couple of days because we drove into town tonight and it looked like a cool place to explore.  We talked to the campground host Ray, and he was telling us that Hatteras Boats is right up the road as well as Jarrett Bay Boats.  They both build very nice, "Dream" boats and I would love to go tour the factories.  The host also told us of a good place for dinner, Tommy's Budget Gourmet Cafe.  I like the name of it!  Hopefully it tastes gourmet! Did you see the moon rise tonight?  It was an awesome, orange ball rising into the dark sky.  I didn't get any pictures today because I was driving.  But, look out for more pics tomorrow.  Those of you who like pictures and not words, sorry!  You probably scrolled down and didn't see any pictures, so you closed the screen anyways. I think I did a good job at filling this white space with not much of any substance.  hahah!  You should listen to radio margaritaville at night. They play some great tunes!  I'm tired. We're off to bed. Good night!  Hasta Manana.


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